From the  blizzard my child questioned,
“How can drifts we walk upon
be but flakes that this storm’s dressed in,
small lace wheels our eyes light on?

That same awe that made her question
The blank gift laid down at dawn
Cloaked the land we took our rest in
All thin skies shone their light on

Degrees south were met by cold rain,
But our air found that morn spent
Canceling plans, keeping our eyes trained
On clouds’ cold fruit’s mute descent.

I rejoice where white and ice reign
Isolation that is meant
For those who seek what they may gain
Far from those who mute dissent.

Some seek heat: hot sand by blue sea
But I rank that season best
When lead skies and bare trees below
Both conspire to inspire rest

Days when dash needle's on blue C
Days when temperature’s a test
Yet  each shiver’s no wish to see
That still season to arrest.

Longer latitudes I'll call home
Territory few men share
With space to gaze at what none own:
Jeweled skies polished in thin air.

Some far day when I am called home
To what fate waits as life there
I’ll take comfort because I've known
Death revealed as winter’s heir.

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