(for Tess)

Every vine and line of new growth
Pushing up from fertile ground
Seeks her share of tears from heaven
And bright blossoms for her crown
As her stem spirals towards sunshine
Before day’s last long rays fade
She will work to find her way through
Shade her taller sisters made

And maybe some morn musing
Through a quad of sharp shorn green
As you cross the paths of strangers
With the friends you walk between
You’ll recall how each fine tall pine
Rooted where your childhood shone
Stands with arms laced with her sisters
In the forest they call home 

Every sphere that steers a circle
Through the sea that time’s begun
Sails the cosmos with the guidance
Of her distant mother sun
While below all souls and seasons
Brushed by breezes from afar
Dance to destinies aligned with
That same bright and shining star

And maybe some noon running
Towards a towering hall of stone
As you wrestle prose and problems
And the sense that you’re alone
You’ll be stilled with sudden wonder
Of an unexpected love
Pulling at you like the planets
Are pulled silently above

Every creature crouching quiet
By a shore to fill her need
Deeply drinks from that same river
That flows from where all streams lead,
The sole source that fathers waters
That will branch and run till tides
Take the gift that he has carried
To the daughters he provides

And maybe some eve playing
Moments made during the day
In your mind while you lie drifting
By the lake where your dreams lay
Cross the waters you’ll hear memories
In the calling of a loon
And the echoes of your father
On waves born beneath the moon

Every hope that parents harbor,
Sent in prayer to thin blue sky
Rides the wings of fleeting fledglings,
Floats on down of seeds blown high
With each flash and crash of thunder
With each dawn washed clean of cloud
They will further their surrender
To what fate each child’s allowed

And maybe some night nestled
In those hours that darkness stills
We will meet once more to travel
Through past days on pine-topped hills
And will wake to fading music,
The last phrase from violins
That have carried home the sweet sound
Of your laughter on the winds.


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