As you and I ran side by side,
I noticed unplanned harmony;
Your body matching stride for stride
My every lift of foot and knee,
Amazed that separate sons were tied
In rare twin synchronicity
I wondered how two lives could hide
such overlapped identity

In youth four years between us found
A breach that we would seldom span,
Yet those we orbited around
Infused in us some common plan,
Or perhaps genes  within us wound
Those bonds revealed that day we ran,
Something we share more than the sound
Our footsteps made of single man

Though mirrored in so many ways,
I celebrate the contrast made
Between our shadows when they lay
Superimposed in common shade,
We both lift twin-edged swords we play,
Carving our lives, each with his blade;
Your rush at life, to seize the day!
My careful plans of options weighed

Between these two poles I can find
That world that we confess to share;
One where a glass is raised behind
Mountains where we’ve breathed cool peak air,
Where late night talks ply both our minds
With questions of who tends the care
Of universe and of mankind
Will prayer or science take us there?

We two are blessed, or cursed it seems
With queries no answer can sate,
We mine gossamer from our dreams
And find such truths can’t take the weight
Of distractions we live lives between;
Diversions that become our fate
But I bless that providence deems
My only brother shares my gait.

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