And Sue.
Two little birds
Inspired these words.
Last year as I toured our back lawn
Trimming the grass I tread upon
A tree sparrow looked down on me
But not perched within any tree
This wayward flier
Was on a wire
Perched over

Did he fly
From southern nest
To come to rest
On that spring day in our back yard
And pick that place to post his guard
Over his mate who sat inside
The birdhouse that you had supplied
As ornament
And never meant
To shelter

Would see
That summer pass
Wings over grass
As he or she each spent their time
Guarding home while the other dined
Away from chicks of dusty blue
Then soaring back, returning to
Drop from the sky
Home to supply
Their brood

Their hut
Was empty soon.
Not long past June
That unexpected family
That made our decoration tree
Were gone as soon as young birds flew
And added to the sky their blue
Leaving bereft
We whom they left
With no bird

Does Play
Strange tricks on men
Worlds new again
Have the power to invoke dreams
Of pasts returned, for now it seems
The cold absence we wintered through
Never occurred for me or you
For in their perch
Quiet as church
Sit Blue
and Sue.


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